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Jax Frey, New Orleans Artist
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New Orleans Aprons, Umbrellas, Tea Towels, Signs, Coasters,Trivets, Ornaments, Flasks, Metal Prints & More
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Jax's Flexible Neoprene Coasters 

$18.00 / Set
4 neoprene coasters (unless specified)  in different styles, tied with twine and embellished with signature red bean - the perfect choice for a hostess gift!
Choose from 6 different sets:
1.  Jackson Square set - 
2.  Louisiana Set -
3.  New Orleans Cocktails Set - 
4.  New Orleans icons Set 
5.  New Orleans Seafood Set 
6.  Mississippi Set
7. Alabama Set
8.  New Orleans Food Set
9.  Voodoo Set
10. Cajun Set
11. St. Tammany Set
12. Sea Life Set
13.  Mardi Gras Set

Mardi Gras Set - includes Mardi Gras Mask, Float, Bead Tree and Throw me Somthin', Mistah!
​New Orleans Seafood Set - includes Crab, Shrimp, Oysters, Crawfish
Louisiana Set - includes Louisiana, Fleur de Lis, Pelican, Magnolia
New Orleans Places set - includes images of Jackson Square, Streetcar, French Market, Royal Street
​New Orleans Cocktails Set - includes Sazerac, French 75, Hurricane, Ramos Gin Fizz

​New Orleans icons Set - includes Coffee & Beignets, Roman Candy, Lucky Dogs, Voodoo Doll
St. Tammany Northshore Set - includes Mandeville, Covington, Abita Springs and Madisonville
​New Orleans Fiis Set - includes Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie, Gumbo and Make a Roux
Mississippi Set includes State of Mississippi, Magnolia, Beaches and Beauvoir
Sea Life Set includes Fish, Sand Dollar, Shell and Starfish
Alabama Set includes State of Alabama, Barbecue, Football and Beaches
Gumbeaux Sistahs - all 4 images of Gumbeaux Sistahs
Voodoo Set - all 4 images of Voodoo Doll
It's Cajun Time Set - all 4 images of It's Cajun Time!